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Baldrick The Therapy Cat

Baldrick Stretched.HEIC

Introducing Baldrick

Baldrick began working as a therapy cat in 2018 helping trauma survivors.

After the Covid lockdown ended he resumed his work after a request came in for a therapy cat to visit a Hospice, and he also widened his scope of places to visit.

Photos are from one of his recent monthly visits to a residential care home.

Residents are commenting that it really makes their day when he visits and also that they love stroking and cuddling him.

Staff seem to enjoy it too!

Baldrick’s ‘dance card’ is also now filling up.

Recently a retirement home in Hampshire asked for cards to be sent for the 105th birthday of one of their residents, Joan, who had no family remaining.

Well, Baldrick has been booked to visit as part of her birthday celebration too!

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) 

Andina is at the recipient of the: Lady Grace Emerson Award for Services to Animal Welfare

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