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A Natural Solution: Baldrick's Effective Anti-Flea Recipe for Cats and Homes

Fleas are a common nuisance for both cats and their owners, regardless of how clean their home is, making it crucial to find a safe and effective solution.

Baldrick initially used a topical flea killer applied to his skin. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, these chemicals are poisons that have been documented to kill hundreds and injure hundreds of thousands of pets, with cats being particularly sensitive.

Ongoing lawsuits concerning flea treatments, including flea collars, highlight the risks they pose to pets.

Human Health Concerns:

As a therapy cat visiting care homes, another important consideration is the potential transfer of chemicals to people who touch the animals.

Although limited research has been conducted on this topic, a recent study on flea collars and children revealed that children could be exposed to toxic levels within just three days, potentially leading to behavioral problems, cognitive delay, and motor development issues.

These findings underscore the need for safe alternatives to protect both cats and humans.

Since Baldrick visits vulnerable and elderly people with less resilient skin, it is crucial to eliminate any chance of transferring toxic chemicals to those who pet, stroke, or cuddle him.

Baldrick's Flea Solution:

Baldrick, being a therapy cat, faced the challenge of finding a flea solution that would not only keep him flea free but would also not pose any risks to the individuals he visited.

After experimenting over years with various suggested natural methods including a range of washes, sprays, herbs, and powders, we eventually discovered a simple and effective recipe using everyday household items.

Baldrick's Anti-Flea Recipe:

For a 2-bedroom home:


  • Bicarbonate of Soda (1/2 cup)

  • Table Salt (1/2 cup)


  1. Thoroughly mix the Bicarbonate of Soda and Table Salt together.

  2. Lightly sprinkle the mixture on the floor and soft furnishings throughout your home.

  3. For heavy or long-term infestations, use a soft brush to work the mixture into furniture, carpets, and corners.

  4. Leave the mixture in place for as long as possible, preferably overnight.

  5. Thoroughly vacuum your home to remove the mixture, along with any fleas and their eggs.

Benefits and Usage:

Baldrick's Anti-Flea Recipe offers a natural and non-toxic approach to flea control and it works by dehydrating flea eggs and pupae, preventing their development into adult fleas. Regular use of this recipe, in addition to washing cat bedding and maintaining cleanliness in the home, keeps fleas at bay.

It's important to note that the recipe will not provide instant results, as its effectiveness lies in preventing flea development rather than immediately killing adult fleas.

Consistency and regular application of the mixture are key to achieving optimal results.

Additionally, the recipe is not an exact science and has shown effectiveness with just Bicarbonate of Soda alone. A light dusting allows the particles to naturally disperse throughout the home with regular use.

Once the situation is under control, the mixture can be used weekly alongside cat bedding washing, and less frequently in winter, such as every couple of weeks.


When addressing flea control for cats and homes, considering safe alternatives is crucial. Baldrick's Anti-Flea Recipe offers a natural and non-toxic solution that is both safe for both cats and humans is inexpensive as the ingredients are cheap, and provides a viable option for those seeking a chemical-free approach to flea control.

Always consult with a veterinarian for advice and to ensure the health and well-being of your cat.


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