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Why Childhood Trauma Matters

The Scope of Trauma's Reach

Thankfully nowadays there is growing recognition that severe abuse, which can take many forms including psychological, emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, and sexual assault does happen to children at the hands of their parents and other caretakers, and thankfully measures are now being taken to begin to more effectively protect those at risk. 

Overlooking The Effects

What often goes unnoticed, however, is the profound impact that childhood trauma has on adults who experienced it. These individuals suffer from deep-seated damage on multiple levels, sometimes to a significant extent, and this damage does not simply fade away over time

Ongoing Impact of Trauma

Emerging scientific research reveals that early life trauma actually sculpts the way a child's brain develops in for them to adapt and survive their experiences..
Consequently, these physical changes in the brain have far-reaching developmental consequences, affecting various systems in the individual's body, including cardiovascular, immune, and hormonal systems.

Moreover, the reverberations of trauma permeate the individual's entire psyche.

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