Coming to Life Project 

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#1 Recovery, it's not Rocket Science

Recovering from childhood trauma is not rocket science. At this very moment you already have within you the natural ability to recover and heal. This mechanism works in the same way as the one that your body uses all the time to heal itself from physical wounds.

This natural and healthy process enables your psyche to effectively deal with the psychological, emotional and relational wounds stemming from childhood. It also allows you to positively impact a number of health issues.

Our Healing History
Over millions and millions of years of our evolutionary history, generations of our species have survived a multitude of adverse and life threatening experiences.
During this process our system developed an amazing ability to heal itself, an ability that has been refined over the millennia.

The fact that you are reading this is proof of this because, in order for you to be here today, every single one of the millions of your ancestors had to have lived long enough to produce at least one child, which finally ended up with you being here to read these words.

We have in place the internal processes needed to metabolize and integrate huge amounts of experiences, including
those that are very traumatic.
But this process must be given sufficient support and focus.

Although fairly straightforward, although not always easy, your journey to health and wholeness will encompass a wide range of areas.
In this process you will discover amazing aspects of life, aspects that many people have never dreamed possible.