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Oct 05 2017


In order to maintain the care and protection of parents, children often have to disconnect from their true feelings and needs, and shut down much of their internal awareness - a crucial part of our internal guidance system. 
One of the simplest ways to do this is to disconnect from the body and it took a long time for me to finally realise that what I thought was a natural way of being was in fact one more of a 'mind on legs'.  
One of the first places we can start healing this disconnection, which keeps us subtly removed from the natural embodied experience of life, is by beginning to gently reconnect with our body. To begin to heal this - first of all ask yourself 'How connected do I feel right now to my body?
Then see if you can gently feel one part of your body a little more... which can also be a useful daily practice.
As we come into our body, we come into the present moment - and into our own internal guidance system, and then our options in life begin to open up.