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First Aid

Inner Child Course

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Course Outline

What We Cover In Our Course

  • Why your past impacts the structure and function of your brain now.  

  • How to rewire your brain so that it moves from a reactive brain to a responsive  brain. 

  • How to connect with your-self and others in a profoundly heart-based way.  

  • Why ancient survival skills can trip us up. 

  • Why physical health problems can be impacted positively by your emotional work. 

  • How you can target specific issues in your life. 

  • Why unconscious material can sabotage your life and steal your happiness. 

  • Why therapy and other processes can ultimately fail. 

  • How natural healing processes help recovery from severe emotional, psychological and relational health problems. 

  • How to live the life of freedom that you were born to live. 

Course Objective

To begin to build a connection to your inner child. To begin to rewire your brain so that you can get the most ‘juice’ out of life. Combining experiential exercises together with the latest from neuroscience, on this 6 week Introductory Course you will have the opportunity to  explore what is really possible for you and discover some extremely powerful healing processes. 

Current state 

Cut off from the self and ones emotions.

Looking externally for cues rather than tuning in to the self. 


Blocks to doing inner child work.

Unaware of the true scale of what it is to be human 

Future state 

Motivated to do inner child work.

Building a self connection.

Aware of brain science and nuts and bolts of what actually happens to an adult as a result of childhood trauma. 

Beginning to look internally for answers.

Course Content

Week 1 


Audio. Inner child meditation.  

To begin to grow a connection with your inner child 



Week 2 

'Curve of wounding and recovery.'

Place yourself where you are on your journey of recovery and learn about this 

Experiential Exercise 


Week 3 

'Our 3 brains.' 

Learn the brain science and what you can do to recover 


Experiential Exercise 


Week 4 

'Your Dimensions of Consciousness.'  

Learn about the different dimensions that make up a human being 

Experiential Exercise 


Week 5 

'Lost and Found.

Get a deeper understanding of what’s happened to you and what to do about it 


Experiential Exercise 


Week 6 

Recap of weeks 1 to 5 with Questions 

Feedback. How the course went for you 

For a free taster of the course click here

The course costs just £20!

You will receive an email each week with a link to the latest session

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