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Together we are making personal and planetary change possible.

Welcome to the Coming to Life Project

The Coming To Life Project is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise.

Begun in East London on December 1997, the aim of the Project is to support people recovering from the negative impact of their upbringing.

To do this we undertake research into the biology and psychology of childhood trauma as well as effective healing modalities.


We also make resources and information available to help raise public awareness about the, often hidden, issues involved.

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During the Coronavirus pandemic we want to reassure all of our clients that we are doing everything we can to continue to provide the high quality care that we are renowned for.


We are following advice from the Government, NHS and Care Quality Commission (CQC) and have put extra precautions in place to protect both our clients and our workers for the period of Coronavirus outbreak.

* Socially distanced group support meetings continue*

*Covid safe practices for day and night care including the use of PPE and support bubbles*

*Outdoor support sessions available or remote sessions carried out via Zoom or Skype*


Please be assured that our care and support will continue

throughout the pandemic for the people who rely on us!!

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Spiritual Enlightenment

A foundational Awakening is that of Transcendent Spirituality.

Waking up to our underlying and transcendent ground of being.

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Transformation Not by Chance but By Choice

Exploring the ongoing evolution of our species and the emergence of a new type of human, one for whom awakening directly into spiritual enlightenment together with radical engagement in the world are recognized as natural. 



Healing from the Impact of the Past

Unintegrated areas from our past are like knots which constrict the natural expansion of our fullest potential.



Your Unique Blueprint  

When we align with, and embody, our Soul it enables us to reconnect with our inherent abilities and being-ness and to then bring these forth as a gift to the world as we live an authentic life imbued with passion and purpose. 



Traversing the Awakening Impulse

Often the least understood of all the awakenings is the actual Process involved in our transformation, and the importance of navigating your journey. 



The Many Layers of the Awakening Impulse

A new understanding of who we are is now emerging and taking us into a new vision, and version, of humanity - one of unity, connection and co-creation journey. 


Why Awakening Matters

The Emergence of Our Integrated Selves

As Awakening unfolds it will begin to naturally reshape all our lives for the better, including our financial, political, religious, health, farming, work and education systems.