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Highlights of My Therapy Training and Employment

2007 – 2009

Nonviolent Communication based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg author of  ‘Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life’ and ‘Getting Past the Pain Between Us: Healing and Reconciliation


  • Understanding how words can harm or heal

  • Breaking patterns that lead to anger, depression, and violence

  • Transforming potential conflicts into compassionate dialogues

  • Speaking your mind without creating resistance or hostility

2-year modular residential training, culminating in my being invited to work together with Marshall as part of an extended reconciliation and healing process between factions of the former Yugoslav wars and genocide.

Due to credible bomb threats, the meetings had to be held at a highly secret island location.

2007 – 2009

The Living Process of Transformation and Change

Arny Mindell, American author, therapist, and teacher in the fields of transpersonal psychology, body psychotherapy, social change, and spirituality and the founder of ‘Process Oriented Psychotherapy’.


3 years modular experiential training. in working with dreams, body symptoms, and how physics can play a part in the process of human healing and transformation.


  • Working with dreams and body symptoms

  • Deep Democracy -  Engaging with different views to unearth creativity, innovation and transformation. 

  • Bringing concepts from physics and mathematics into psychology

  • Taoism and Shamanism.


Making Trauma Recovery Safer - The Biology and Neurobiology of Trauma and its Healing.

Babette Rothschild MSW, author ‘8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery’ ‘The Body Remembers - The Psychophysiology and Trauma’ ‘Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment: Stabilization, Safety, & Nervous System Balance’ and also a contributor to ‘Trauma Treatment, Women, Trauma and Mental Health - Empowering Women with the Skills and Insight to Thrive’ 

Training focused on;

  • The science of Psychotherapy

  • How trauma impacts the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Identifying hidden somatic resources and the role of the body in healing trauma. 

  • Safe modalities for working to heal past trauma.

  • Working with dissociation, depersonalization, and disengagement from reality.


2004 – 2007 

Integral Regression Therapy: Post Graduate Residential Training with Roger Woolger Phd, Jungian analyst, regression therapist, author, and lecturer. Woolger held degrees from Oxford University and the University of London, as well as the C. G. Jung Institute in Switzerland. 


Modules included:

  • Reinhabiting the body 

  • Using Guided Imagery to connect with unresolved trauma.

  • Working with the body through deep trauma

  • Effectively and safely releasing trauma somatically


1999 - 2001

MSc in Conscious and Transpersonal Psychology - 2 years taught Masters in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology.


Aspects covered included;

  • Eastern and Western approaches to consciousness

  • Neuro correlates of consciousness - the mind/brain interface

  • Ancient and contemporary spirituality and practice

  • Spirituality, Identity, and Self


I successfully completed all modules over the two years except for one short module at the end on research methods that I was sadly unable to do as by this time, 2001, I was heavily involved in developing the Coming to Life Project which now taking up all of my energy and resources, so my qualification is a Post Graduate Degree in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology. 

My coursework was however cited in several thesis by other students.



1995 – 1997 

Recovering from Childhood Trauma

2 years modular residential training with Kip Flock, the Clinical  Director at the John Bradshaw Recovery Centre USA. 

John is considered a founding father of the Self-Help movement and New York Times Bestselling Author of: ‘Healing The Shame That Binds You', ‘Adult Children Of Dysfunctional Families’, ‘Surviving Divorce’, ‘Homecoming - Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child’, ‘Creating Love’, ‘Eating Disorders;, and ‘Bradshaw On: Family Secrets’.


Training Focused on the recovery processes for adult survivors of childhood abuse, with an emphasis on working with groups of survivors.


Modules included: 

  • Trauma Recovery Group Facilitation 

  • Healing Shame

  • Addiction Recovery

  • Co-Dependence

  • Rebuilding the Psyche and sense of Self


Kip recommended me as a Therapist to John Bradshaw, and I subsequently worked as a group therapist at John’s sold-out UK workshops with 400 to 600 participants, as well as spin-off groups and individual recovery sessions.


I was thrilled to work alongside John, particularly as his book 'Homecoming - Reclaiming and Championing your Inner Child' had been instrumental in deepening my own recovery process - and for which I am forever grateful.


1994 to 1996

Advanced Diploma in Person Centred Counselling - Post Graduate level Gold Standard Accreditation awarded by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and successful completion means that you can practice independently as a qualified Counselor


Due to my prior experience, I was asked to be the facilitator for the experiential course module on recovering from trauma and the role of ‘Inner Child’ work.

Subsequent to founding the Project, I continued with my professional development and highlights include:


Further areas of research and training include:



1999 - 2001

Brandon Bays;  Cancer survivor and author of ‘The Journey’ where Brandon outlines the cutting-edge transformation and mind-body-healing healing method that brought about her healing.


Modular 2 years experiential residential training covering;


  • Tools for awakening and liberation our human potential

  • Connecting with trauma held in the body

  • Clearing dysfunctional childhood patterns

  • Visualisations and guided imagery to heal unresolved trauma 


At the end of the training Brandon named me to the cohort as the person to go to for help with healing and recovery.



Other Ways of Knowing - Recharting Our Future with Ageless Wisdom

John Broomfied past Professor at the University of Michigan for 20 years, President of California Institute of  Integral Studies from 1983-1990 and author.


10 day in the field research with Aboriginal peoples in Northern Australia exploring:

  • Worldviews ignored by the Western world as possible solutions to environmental and social problems.

  • Trauma and the multi-generational legacy of Colonisation.

  • Lost connection with the land and the missing sense of belonging.



Short training modules on specific topics

1990 - 2000

Tony Humphreys, psychologist and author of The Power Of 'Negative' Thinking’ resolving dysfunctional thinking patterns

1 day experiential training workshop


John Button, therapist and author of ‘From Rage To Resolution’

2 day experiential residential training working safely with rage

Robyn Norwood, author of  ‘Women  Who Love Too Much’ Women, Codependency and love addictions with an emphasis on women’s identity

1 day theory and practice.

Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine - Donna recovered from being wheelchair-bound with Parkinson's disease and I was keen to learn from her on ways of working with the body's energy field to enhance and support healing and recovery.

I day experiential training

Further ongoing small group work 

Candace Pert, neuroscientist and author of ‘Molecules of Emotion’ the biochemical links between consciousness, mind, and body.


  • How our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health

  • Biomolecular basis for our emotions 


I day theory training in hard core body/mind science 

Employment Highlights

2005 to 2015

Founder member of ‘The Whole Human Community’

  • Monthly weekend gathering exploring our fullest human potential

  • Coordinated regular residential retreats in the UK and abroad.



NHS Royal Free Hospital, London 

Breast Cancer Support Unit: Keynote speaker at 1 day conference on the role of the Mind & Emotions in health and disease. 

Lead to invitation to facilitate a series of experiential sessions on Mind/Body healing with patients. 

Patients feedback to the hospital was that these sessions were the most practical and informative input that they’d had.

1995 to 1997

MIND – the largest mental health charity in the UK

Womens Group facilitator - Under my facilitation previously low take-up groups all increased membership to waiting list levels


Began as a volunteer and subsequently employed


1994 to 1997 

Citizens Advice Bureaux - Hailsham, Sussex and Greenwich London


  • Senior Advisor : financial, medical, disability and housing 

  • Representing clients at Disability and Welfare Rights Tribunals

  • Training trainees and providing pre tribunal case overview for other advisors

  • Ran in-house Workshops on Stress Management


Began as a volunteer and was subsequently employed.


1977 – 1993 

Samaritans - Eastbourne

16 years suicide prevention volunteer


  • In person and telephone support

  • 4 hour shift - 1 x week

  • 1 all-night duty each month - 8pm to 8am

  • Provided training for new volunteers

  • Provided on-going training and volunteer support


Additional voluntary and paid employment


1994 to 1997     

Association of Greater  London Older Women 

Volunteer Workshop Leader


  • Mental health in older age

  • Meditation for wellbeing


1994 to 1996  

London Borough Of Hounslow  

Mental Health  Project Team - Part Time  Facilitator for Drug Dependency Group 


1994 to 1996

Broadcasting Support Services

Telephone counsellor after challenging TV  Programs

Employed by the BBC and Channel 4


1978 to 1994

‘Broad-acres’ Farm, East Sussex

Founded Organic Farm with an emphasis on superior animal welfare and a venue for courses and workshops.

‘Horse Whisperer’: rehabilitated ‘problem horses’ and ‘failed’ racehorses – many who subsequently went on to win numerous races in the UK and abroad.


Received RSPCA’s Lady Grace Emerson Award for Services to Animal Welfare.

Invited to Buckingham Palace to meet HRH The Queen.


Ran courses and workshops on mind/body health, meditation, and consciousness


Another one that got away…!



The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) 

NAPAC received Lottery Funding and offered me the opportunity to set up, and then run, the first nationwide series of groups for adult survivors of childhood trauma. 

Regretfully I had to decline as my work focus within the Project was evolving into the 'Whole Human Community' however I provided them with a replacement therapist for their pilot course, course material, suggestions, and guidance. 

Andina seers
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