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About Us

Welcome, and thank you for reading further.


...continuing on from our failure to make the changes we would like to see in the world, if the initiatives to address these issues were part of a scientific experiment, then researchers would conclude that the experiment had well and truly failed

This brings us to the obvious question:

Why is it that the changes we are so longing to see happen - are simply not showing up?


The answer I would like to offer is that it is not so much that we are not wanting the change, or that we are not putting in lots of effort, but that we need to shift our focus and place our attention and effort in an entirely different direction.

Here at the Project, a small team of participants is exploring the underlying drivers of the challenges we are facing, which includes the part unresolved past trauma plays in adult life, effectively healing this, uncovering our innate skills and abilities so we can grow into their fullest potential, and opening into our authentic spirituality - and in this process seeking to take an evolutionary step in the unfolding of a new, inclusive, and integrated, Humanity.

The Coming To Life Project is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise.

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