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Some of the areas currently being revamped:

Coming to Life Project

Together we are making personal and planetary change possible.

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Transformation Not By Chance But Choice

As we face these challenging times we need to find ways to reshape our lives for better, including: Financial, political, religious, health, farming, work and education systems



The Wisdom of Trauma

Unintegrated areas from our past are like knots which constrict the natural expansion of our fullest potential.



Your Unique Blueprint  

When we align with, and embody, our Soul we reconnect with our inherent abilities and being-ness and bring thIs forth as a gift to the world as we live an authentic life.



The Journey of Transformation

Often least understood is the importance of being able to navigate the journey of transformation as smoothly as possible..



Discovering Your Deepest Self

A new understanding of who we are is now emerging and taking us into a new vision, and version, of humanity - one of unity, connection and love.. 



Nurturing Our Nature

The important role pf companion animals and being in nature, as well as cheap and practical ways to grow your own food - even if you have no space, time or energy.