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The Coming To Life Project

Recovery, Healing, Growth & Transformation

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About The Project

 Welcome To
The Coming To Life Project

A Resource For The Whole Human Being

Begun in 1997, The Project exists to assist individuals to heal from their past - and in the process to then be able to take an evolutionary step in the unfolding of a new, worldwide and heart based, consciousness.

The Project is the
integration of all aspects of humanity: The Energetic System, Body, Mind, Emotions, Relational Connection, Creativity, Intuition, Soul, Work, Spirituality


Alison Haigh died in December 2016.

Alison was the book keeper for the Coming to Life Project for over ten years.

With her time and expertise, Alison made an important contribution to the Project and helped people to access resources.

We also fondly remember her love of the animals.

Alison is missed.

British legislation is set to be updated so that the emotional abuse of a child will now be outlawed along with physical abuse.  See the new article The Cinderella Law' for more information.

Workshops are coming in 2017

Watch "How Childhood Trauma Affects Health across a lifetime" on our new Videos page.